Brief Updates on Recent Activities of the Revive Israel Team

Outreach to Israeli Teen Conference "Katzir" - by Liat

In cooperation with Tents of Mercy and a national youth leadership team, Revive Israel sent a team of seven to help lead the recent Israeli youth conference with over 100 Israeli teens. It was a powerful time for the teens to get strengthened and re-focused on God. Positive reports continue to come in. [See related article in this issue.]

An eyewitness report from one of the Revive outreach team: "Since I was 15 years old I have attended conferences similar to this. In the last few years I hadn't attended because of my army service commitments. This was my first time at a youth conference as a youth counselor. It was a good challenge. I was given the responsibility of speaking into a small group of six young ladies under my care. They really opened up to me and we had heart-to-heart talks. They were able to listen to me easily because I am only a few years older than them. My semester at the discipleship center helped me to be able to listen to God's spirit and proclaim His message. As one of the youth counselors, the conference leaders gave me the opportunity to be on a panel about the subject of gossip. They also gave me the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes before the whole conference about our responsibility as believers, while in our schools and among our friends, to impart spirituality and save lives. In short the conference was a huge encouragement for the teens and also for us as leaders in training.

German - Israeli Reconciliation - by Youval

Revive Israel team with Matthia Goering (wearing Sephardic kippah)

Last week we were blessed to have a visit by Matthias Goering. He came to faith in Yeshua 5 years ago. Soon afterward God began to speak to him about Israel and the Jewish people. In a vision God called him to be a watchman on the walls of Jerusalem. Matthias told God, "This cannot be. You know my last name. You have the wrong man." But God told him, "I have chosen you to be a bridge between me and my people." Matthias has visited Israel several times since then, and he feels at home here. This in itself is amazing, because since his early childhood he was raised to hate Jewish people. Matthias is the great nephew of Herman Goering the number 2 leader in Hitler's government, and commander of his Luftwaffe forces (air force).

Matthias is a physiotherapist. One of his clients is also one of our most devoted Swiss volunteers. When this sister discovered that Matthias was a believer and a lover of Israel she introduced Matthias to Asher. This relationship is indicative of the ministry of reconciliation between German Christians and many Israeli Messianic groups including Revive Israel. Matthias thought his calling was too heavy, but God called him to simply obey and show up at the places where Israelis are. He has been stunned at the potential for reconciliation with Israelis. However there is a catch; many Israeli's say, "We won't forget and we won't forgive." This trap prevents many Israelis from receiving God's full forgiveness because they are not willing to fully forgive.

During November 2005 Asher and Youval ministered in several churches in Southern Germany, a former stronghold of Nazi support. Different Baptist churches are seeing a real move of the Holy Spirit. They have come to understand Israel's key role in the plan of God. We are entering into a covenant partnership with some of these groups. Lord willing we hope to return to Germany this spring. They have invited us to teach about Israel at their annual conference of 30 congregations.

A Prayer Walk in Jerusalem - by David

One day in December we went as a team to walk and pray through one of the most ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. For some it was the first time to be completely surrounded by the world of "black hats" and Halacha (Jewish ritual law). While walking we sought to pray for and love each passerby. As we were praying, one of the outreach team members felt led to speak from Isaiah 53 to some older Jewish men in a little prayer hall. They were very receptive. However, soon afterward police arrived to escort us out of the neighborhood, they were concerned for our safety and feared a public uproar. Please pray with us for the eyes and hearts of our people to be opened to see the Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

Hanukah and New Year's Eve Party - by Tikva

Our good friend and evangelism partner Rachel "outdid" herself this time and invited 700 people on the last night of Hanukah to a combination Hanukah/New Year's Eve party. The vast majority were Israelis who do not believe in Yeshua as Messiah. We have never heard of an event like this in Israel. It is a tremendous step forward for the Good News.

There were several music groups. Rachel gave a short testimony before the festive meal. She had asked Revive Israel to provide a team to fellowship with her guests. Many members of our team were present and sat at different tables sharing with guests. Many expressed interest and asked to receive New Testaments. Please continue to pray with us for moving in the hearts of "all those who have ears to hear."

Eddie in India - by Eddie Santoro (a teacher and pastor working with Revive Israel)

God has given us a mandate to participate in His purposes for the revival and restoration of Israel. This restoration includes Israel's call to serve as a light to the nations. Last month I had the opportunity to participate in this call, to bring forth the word from Zion, as I made my third trip to India.

On this latest journey I felt God opened up India before me in a new way. My heart overflowed with love for the Indian people and appreciation of the amazing work that God is doing in this nation. India is a nation whose time has come. The demonic stronghold of Hindu idol worship permeates the land, and it is gripped by overwhelming poverty and disorder. But the light of God is demolishing the darkness! Praise the Lord!

One day I preached to a large group and 85 men and women came forward to receive the Lord, most of them former Hindus. Immediately following the service we baptized 28 people and 15 more the next day!

On Christmas day, I spoke at an early morning service. The meeting started at 5:00 AM and the church was filled with over 1,000 people! I spoke three times that day. On New Year's Eve, I spoke to over 3,000 people gathered for a "night watch" from 10 PM until 4 AM. I was overwhelmed to see so many saved and Spirit filled Indians gathered in one place.

The word God put in my heart for the nation of India that night was: It is done! The Gospel is being released into the darkness of India and there will be no stopping it. God has already raised up an army of light bearers. The Morning Star is rising upon that nation. Please keep praying for India. My sense is that the kingdom of God will make great advances in the coming years.

Another encouraging experience was to witness first hand the incredible success of the church multiplication movement in India. I am deeply connected with three pastors there who have started over 120 churches. One brother from Bangalore started his work with a home meeting in his living room in 1978. Today he oversees a network of over 60 local churches!

This incredible success is achieved through the pursuit of the Holy Spirit, faithful evangelism, and the discipling of future leaders. Their focus is not only to build a large central church but also to continually send out groups to establish new congregations in the surrounding villages.

I praise God that He has allowed me to participate in a small way in the mighty work He is doing in India. Each day I had the opportunity to speak at numerous churches and meetings, to pray individually for hundreds, and to establish and deepen many relationships. I look forward to many more visits to India as the Lord leads.

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