It's Happening | by David Shishkoff |

The Revive Israel Staff Team has expanded considerably and is being molded into a new Israeli Discipleship Training Center (DTC).

There has been a great need in the Land for Israeli, Hebrew language discipleship. This is something that was on the hearts of the staff members even before we came together to join Asher and Betty as part of Revive Israel.

We thank God for His grace and abundant supply throughout these past months during which the program has been getting off the ground. The staff members are the first disciples in the program, and are now being joined by several new students! It is blessing to meet in a spacious rented house in a Jerusalem suburb. We come together daily to seek communion with our Creator in prophetic praise, worship, intercession and teaching. Our great desire is to provide an environment in which young Israeli believers can be equipped and grow into their callings in God, specifically to become young leaders in the Land.

There are already more than a dozen student-disciples in the DTC! Please pray for us in this developmental stage of our first semester as we deal with equipment, administrative and housing needs. Especially we would ask that you pray for hungry hearts to find their Creator and walk forward into His purposes.