Life is often compared to a beautiful tapestry woven of many colored threads. I can think of no other metaphor which is so suited to the ministry of Tents of Mercy. Day by day there are changes, new additions, different textures, and unexpected spots of color ... all combining to produce a creation of the Master in which each of us plays but a small part.

Near the end of March a new "thread" was introduced to the multicolored tapestry that is Tents of Mercy. Andrea Salas from California came to do a photojournalistic project as part of her university program. She arrived just in time to join us for a very intensive few weeks of "weaving". Since Andrea's arrival there has been one activity after another and she has been to and photographed almost every one of them.

You too are a part of the pattern that God is designing through the intertwining of many lives - here in Israel and around the world. So this month we want to spread before you a sample of the tapestry as seen through Andrea's camera lens.

Passover Food Baskets:
During major holidays Tents of Mercy prepares bags of food to be picked up by people who come to the humanitarian aid center or to be taken to families in need. This year a team of volunteers from Michigan, gathered by Laura Rhoda, packaged over 300 bags of food and delivered 200 of them to homes in Akko.

Dancing During Shabbat Worship

Weekly Torah Reading
A holiday of rejoicing, celebration and plain old silliness. This year our Purim 'schpiel' took its inspiration from the early days of rock-n-roll. Moshe Morrison led a talented band of musicians in singing songs adapted to fit the Purim theme. Congregation members and guests came dressed in costumes and danced enthusiastically to the lively music. We were also joined by a group of over 50 Norwegians who were warmed by our rather unorthodox combination of worship and fun.
Interceding for Akko:
For nearly a year a faithful team of intercessors has been meeting each week to pray over the city of Akko. From time to time the regular prayer team is joined by guests from overseas who desire to learn more about God's heart for the city and to stand together with us in prayer. This gathering happened on Akko's old fortress walls. We were joined by a group of Swiss believers led by Pastor Marco Gmur.

Look ... The Tents of Mercy International Conference and Intercessory Tour of Israel

Every Saturday morning the Tents of Mercy community comes together for a time of worship, teaching and fellowship. This Shabbat was unique due to the absence of most of the women who were attending our women's retreat. Since no children's classes were held, Eitan was forced out of the traditional sermon into a costumed retelling of the Exodus story.
Tents of Mercy Womens' Retreat:
At the beginning of April, Tents of Mercy organized its first retreat for the women of the congregation. It was attended by almost 90 women ranging in age from teenagers to grandmothers. God providentially supplied a team of 5 gifted speakers from Texas led by Nancy Byram to teach on everything from studying the Bible to starting a home business.
Weekly Music School

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07:20 07May05 Michelle-Anne -
Just know that on the other side of the world "Down Under" in Australia there are many who are continualy praying , and thinking of you all there in Yeshua's home town. Keep up the good fight of faith!!!

19:04 08May05 Terry and Robyn Holman -
The photo-journal was a great way to give insight into the ministry of Ohalei Rachamim. Our prayers go with you.

16:01 13May05 anonymous -
Thanks for the photos and to see those in Andrea's lens. Been a long time since you were at Christ Community in Camp Hill! Will add Akko to prayer list with ya'll.