Leora Mazurovsky

Personal Assistant to Eitan Shishkoff
Tents of Mercy
"Throughout the Scriptures, lives were literally changed by open homes."

By Leora Mazurovsky

Friendship and involvement are primary goals when we host the Baruch haBa conferences. Filled with fellowship, prayer, fun, and the experience of Israel - both modern and ancient - our shared journey through the land creates heartfelt connections that can endure through the momentous days ahead.

Tents of Mercy, together with Revive Israel and Tikkun International, has been hosting this conference every year and a half since 2005. Planning and preparing for this event has become a routine part of my work. But when I truly think about the reason that we host more than 100 guests from all over the world, I don't want it to be a task I check off of my to-do list. Because hosting people, welcoming them into our lives and homes, in big or small ways should never be routine.

I believe that it's not by chance that the Bible encourages hospitality. There was a divine reason that the early believers met in each other's living rooms. Throughout the Scriptures, lives were literally changed by open homes. When you invite someone over for coffee, pray with them, have dinner together, let them spend the night on your sofa, you open your life and your heart as well. Connections form that cannot be created in any other way. That's really what this conference is all about – welcoming guests into our "home" and sharing a portion of our lives with them so that they can experience the heart of Israel and we can in turn receive from them.

Today I received an email from one of our guests which said,

Thanks for the wonderful gathering with you, I have taken Israel back home with me.

To me, that embodies the essence of what God desires when he brings us together, even for a short time. He wants us to partake of each other, to share our dreams and callings, that we might see and pray and continue our journey, strengthening and refreshing one another in ways that will make Yeshua real to His people, Israel, and to the home nations of our friends.

Andre praying for Pastor Vakif of Nazereth congregation Andre makes his point at Capurnaum synagogue
Mama Shelley from Taiwan
praying over Tents of Mercy children
Eitan & Sahar with Korean brothers
in Peter's neighborhood synagogue
Asher leading at Yad Hashmona Worship on ancient Akko ramparts
By Leora Mazurovsky
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