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Yeshua came to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). He told His fishermen disciples that they would "fish for men." And before leaving the earth our Messiah gave one clear command "Go and make disciples." Living in Israel as Messianic Jews our constant longing is to help the people of this nation be born of the Spirit by embracing Yeshua as their King Redeemer. The prophets foretell a spiritual harvest and the revelation of David's Greater Son when we come back to this land after a very long absence. We're back! It is time to speak boldly.

As you read the story of Dr. Lena and her fruitful ministry of bringing Israelis to Yeshua, please join us in praying fervently for an increase in our boldness and effectiveness as His witnesses.

When Alek and I made aliyah in 1990, together with our two young sons, we didn't know what to expect from Israel. During our first few years, we became believers, experienced the Gulf War and discovered that we were expecting our third child.

How did you come to faith in Yeshua?

In those days I was searching for God. I saw an advertisement in the paper for a Bible and called to order it. We started going to the congregation in Haifa that had placed the advertisement and there we came to faith. Interestingly enough, I didn't even think of looking for Him in a synagogue. To me, God was synonymous with Church. Today, many of the patients that ask me about faith in God, have the same idea. They are surprised when I tell them about the Jewishness of the New Testament.

Why did you set up your own business when you came to Israel?

Our economic situation as immigrants pressed Alek (a physician in the former Soviet Union) to study for his medical license here and I worked in a dental clinic. I knew that I would have to do something different after our son was born. Though we had no money, I was able to get a loan from the bank. In truth, I had NO experience with that sort of thing, but God worked strongly through me because I was so weak. I had no idea at that time how He would use my clinic as a place where people would be touched by His Spirit.

The house group that became Tents of Mercy, first met in your home. How did it start?

Fifteen years ago there were very few congregations in Israel and specifically in our area. We began to attend Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifa and there we met Eitan Shishkoff. After about a year we began a homegroup in our home, led by Eitan. It was important to begin something in the Kriyot area, but the spiritual situation was very difficult. Even during the meetings, there was often a feeling of oppression - as if a dark cloud enveloped us. At that time we lived on Rechov HaRishonim (Street of the First Ones). What a prophetic name! We were pioneering a messianic work in an area where there was no such thing.

How do you see the spiritual climate now?

We came during the big aliyah from the Former Soviet Union. The people who immigrated at that time formed a foundation for the spiritual awakening that God was to bring about. But the spirits that ruled over this place resisted. It was so hard to witness to people, to speak of Yeshua and faith in Him.

Since those days, there has been a real change. People are hungrier to hear about God. More and more of the patients who come to my clinic are ready to listen and as a result, it is easier to share with them. Many times they initiate the conversation! Of course, each is seeking in his own way and we need to be sensitive to the direction of the individual. Some are looking for a "Jewish God" and others a "Christian God". I simply ask the Lord for the key that will open them to the understanding of the Messiah.

I believe that we are seeing the beginning of revival and I feel that God is moving through people who are willing to speak to their fellow workers, neighbors and friends. It won't happen just by going out and witnessing in the streets.

So how does it happen?

Well in my case, because of my clinic, I meet and speak to many people each week. Yet God has a time for everything. We can witness to people till we are blue in the face and get no results. I try to be always ready and open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Not too long ago an Israeli man of Moroccan descent came into my office. He asked me what was different about my clinic. I came right out and said "the Holy Spirit!" We had a long conversation and he told me that he was ashamed that a woman from the former Soviet Union who had been raised with no connection to her Judaism was enthusiastically sharing about the wonder of the Jewish Messiah. That is what he should be doing!

And then there was the day that without any planning on my part all of the people who came into the clinic were women. One lady sat down in the chair and began to weep (and not because she was afraid of the dental treatment). Another told me the story of her life. The Holy Spirit touched every one of them.

Who are some of the people that have come to faith through you?

There are so many different stories; some of them almost comical! A patient came in and without any warning asked me "Is it true that God says I must obey my husband?" I was surprised by such a direct question, but our dialogue has continued and she and her husband, who are originally from Siberia, are now attending our congregation.

Another woman told me that she was suffering from cancer of the blood. I said she needed to pray. She agreed and said that she had decided to believe in the God of the Christians. What joy and relief when I explained that there was no need to "change Gods" because Yeshua himself was a Jew!

An elderly lady who lives alone comes to me for treatment. One day I simply invited her to come to our congregation. I didn't witness or tell her about Yeshua, I just said "come and see". She came for a visit and has been attending regularly. Not long ago she brought a guest. Every time I see her she thanks me profusely for making her a part of a "family".

Because of these and others, the leadership of Tents of Mercy asked me to start a homegroup for new believers. Our first meeting was last night and I was so encouraged by the turnout. We had a wonderful time of sharing and learning. I am really looking forward to helping these new believers grow in their faith and to see them bring their friends, families and co-workers into the kingdom.

I know God is doing something special among the people of the Kriyot and in Israel. It is my heart's desire to be a part of it. "...And for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel." Ephesians 6:19

By Leora Mazurovsky

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15:23 26Jul06 anonymous -
You go girl! The Spirit in me rejoices with the Spirit in you over all those coming to the King of Kings by your willingness to speak of Him.

19:22 26Jul06 Lynne Miller -
With the fighting going on in Lebanon I have been praying. I now have a name and a face to pray for. My husband and I pray so often for the peace of Jerusalem. I grieve when I see the news regarding the fighting. God will surely fight for Israel.

20:28 26Jul06 Andrea Hall -
Thank you so much for the article. I love to hear what is going on in the Messianic community. I've recently been learning of the Jewishness of Jesus myself, and I love it!! It adds depth and confidence to my experience as a Gentile believer. Thanks again. Shalom

10:12 02Aug06 Nora -
I am so encouraged by your article, which I see as a praise report. I am praying for Israel every day more than I did before the war started. It was so nice to read your article and get a glimpse into the life of a believer living in the same place we are seeing on CNN every day. I will be praying specifically for the safety of you, your family and your church. God is certainly blessing many people through your work.

16:43 02Aug06 Betty Jo Krouse -
I am a gentile believer married to a Jew who is not a believer in Yeshua. Your article gives me hope and encouragement for the salvation of my husband and children. I was in Israel in May for the 4th time with Aglow. Love and prayers

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