Part of Yeshua's mandate in Acts 1, is to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. So in addition to ministry and building the "Body" in Israel, we also seek to strengthen connections with the nations as part of fulfilling this mandate. This month we will focus on the nations of China and Denmark.

A few weeks ago our Revive Team hosted a two day conference with a group of pastors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The plans for this two day event were birthed over six months ago when we had the opportunity to meet Pastor Paul and his wife Francy who lead a Chinese/Asian church in California. God had sovereignly touched these two dynamic Chinese leaders with an incredible love for Israel and a desire to establish a connection between mainland China and the Body of Messiah in Israel.

Israeli and Chinese believers celebrating
One of the central pillars of Revive Israel's vision is to play a part in fulfilling the end time call for "Saved Israel" to go forth and touch the nations. So the connection and "fit" between our two teams was perfect.

Over the past six months I had invested much time and energy in the planning of this event. Although we had endeavored to get everything in place as the day of our Chinese friends' arrival approached I really had no sense of how this conference was going to be.

Eddie sharing a laugh
You can imagine our joy when in the first meeting we discovered that these sixty Chinese brothers and sisters were overflowing with the Holy Spirit and passion for Yeshua and his Kingdom. The connection and synergy happened in spite of the fact that most of the attendees could not speak English. It was an amazing experience to participate in many times of lively worship and prayer as their musicians played American messianic music translated into Chinese.

Asher giving the Word
Many times during the conference we joined together in celebratory dance. The mix of Israelis and Chinese dancing, worshiping and rejoicing together before our King truly felt like a prophetic foretaste of the promised Messianic Kingdom when all the nations will come up to Jerusalem to worship Yeshua. Many members of our team participated in sharing and imparting a vision of God's end-time restoration of Israel, and the interaction that is needed between the saved remnant from Israel and the nations to fulfill God's purposes.

Praying for each other
We sensed that through these meetings the Holy Spirit was building a bridge between Israel and China. We have no doubt that this was the beginning of a significant interaction that God will use to further His Kingdom purposes upon the earth. What lies before us is unseen, but like Noah (who also lived in his "last days") we will continue to give ourselves to the building of an ark ("Body") in which not only eight, but hundreds of millions or even billions from throughout the entire earth will be saved. Please continue to pray with us as this important global outreach to the nations from the tiny nation of Israel continues to develop and fulfill God's destiny.


By Eddie Santoro

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