View From Jerusalem
A Pastoral Perspective
Eddie and Jackie Santoro

The opening verses of the Bible tell us that God created the light and saw that it was good. Then He separated that light from the darkness. The Gospel of John declares that: "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it." Today in Israel we feel as if we are surrounded by that "darkness" on every side. Whether it is religious spirits, demonically inspired terrorist groups, radical Muslims, a hostile world or our corrupt government,the battle is rapidly intensifying. In spite of all this, we praise God that He has put us on the front line of this battle. We know that the victory is ours. The Light is shining in the darkness and by God's grace "Revive Israel" is increasingly a shining beacon of the light and love of Yeshua.

A Semester Completed

Last week we finished the first semester of this school year at the Discipleship Center. It was a time of growing for the students and staff. There has been significant growth in all of us as we have made seeking His face our first priority. Every morning for the entire semester we have gathered for times of worship, prayer and ministry in the Holy Spirit. This emphasis on relationship with God has enabled us to build according to the Lord's own heart.

Congregation Ahavat Yeshua -
Living Stones Being Joined Together

Our new congregation just celebrated its half-year anniversary. It has been amazing to watch this infant congregation grow, and like a newborn child start to develop its own unique personality.

The establishment of personal relationships among the members of the congregation is one of our primary goals in order that we can truly become "The fullness of Him who fills everything in every way."

To facilitate this, we have started having monthly "Rosh Chodesh" dinners (literally, "Head of the Month," the beginning of the Hebrew Lunar month). They have been well attended and joyous times. We hope to start having a fellowship meal after each Shabbat meeting. These times of personal fellowship are a vital aspect in drawing new people into the life of Messiah as well as establishing relations among those who are already a part of the congregation.

One of the strengths of our congregation is the large core of young and passionate believers who attend our weekly meetings. These young people hold the promise of the coming revival in Israel, as they are the ones who will carry the Gospel to the streets of this nation. To help this group fulfill its important destiny, we started a weekly "young adults" meeting several months ago that is already drawing approximately twenty-five people. We are exercising pastoral oversight but the weekly leadership and administration of this meeting are the responsibility of a group of promising young believers who have a strong desire to move into leadership.

A Light to the Nations

God continues to open doors through which our small but devoted team is having an impact, not only in Israel but also elsewhere. Over the past several months Asher, Eddie, Serge and Youval have had opportunities to touch believers in Africa, India, Europe and the United States. Praise God that He is allowing us to play a part in the fulfillment of God's end time promise to bring the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem to the entire earth.

We are all excited to see how God is moving here in Israel and how we can cooperate with Him. Please join us in praying as the vision that God has put within our hearts continues to grow and become a living reality that will touch this world for Yeshua and His Kingdom.


By Eddie and Jackie Santoro

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