You are Invited

Revive Israel, Tents of Mercy and Tikkun International; believe that one of the central keys to this end-times revival in Israel is the covenant partnership between Jesus Jewish and Gentile followers. Over the past five years, we have experienced the deepening of this friendship through four gatherings of 9-10 days, in which we traveled through Israel worshiping, praying and learning together. Our last such event saw men and women from 19 nations come together with their Israeli brothers and sisters. It was unforgettable.

Baruch HaBa 2012 will be an experience in the Land of Israel, with the people of Israel, that will equip you to take an active role in bringing the Messiah Yeshua back to this earth, to finally rule and reign in true righteousness.

With that in mind, we want to issue a personal invitation. We heartily invite you to join us for 9 Spirit enlivened days. Please pray, asking God if this is your appointed time to "go up to Zion, to the mountain of the Lord." (Isaiah 2:3)

March 7th-15th, 2012

Dates Including Flight
March 6th-16th, 2012

2 per Room: $1259/person includes* all ground transportation, lodging, tips, entrance fees except the following:

Airfare is not included and must be arranged seperately by each traveller
(please arrive on March 6th 2012)
$25 fee for transport to the airport on March 16th (optional)
All meals included from March 7-15 except 3 lunches on your own (see itinerary for details)

Deposit Deadlines (per person)
$550 due by January 2, 2012
$509 due by February 1, 2012
$200 due to Tents of Mercy upon arrival

For complete payment information, please check our website:

*Transport to hotel from airport and overnight accomodation on March 6, 2012 included

* Read Eitan Shishkoff's article "Calling On The Lord Together In Zion" *Download the Itinerary *Download the Registration Form