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New Book by Dan Juster

New Book by Dan & Patty Juster

Weekly Torah Commentary - Ki Tavo
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By Daniel C. Juster

This summer the United States Supreme Court established a right of homosexual marriage. Amazingly the court discovered a right that could not possibly be in the intent of the Constitution. Justices Roberts and Scalia spoke brilliantly on this, and on the implication of an imperial judicial court making up law ...

There are several profoundly troubling things about this judgement ...

I believe that society is at its best when it affirms and fosters foundational Biblical values that have been the cornerstone of the Western World and the Judeo-Christian tradition of morals for 4000 years. Sexual morality was one of the strongest points of consensus for traditional Judaism and all Christians - Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant ...

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Weekly Torah commentary: Ki Tavo
    And the Levites shall respond and they shall say to every man of Israel, [in a] loud voice
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